Defense In Depth Is A Must For Cybersecurity

Defense In Depth Is A Must For Cybersecurity


Defense in Depth is a layered approach to network security where multiple levels of defense keep your data and information safe. There is no single piece of defense that is secure enough to keep your network safe by itself, but by layering security solutions, each piece can cover the holes of the other.


Our technology-driven world is changing every day. In many ways, it feels like the digital world updates our landscape every minute.

Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices have doubled since 2015.

By 2020, there will be roughly 200 billion connected devices.

As of 2019, 66% of companies allow remote work and 16% have a fully remote staff.

This means that today’s workforce is spreading farther than before, and today’s technology means the company is going with them. Portable devices and public Wi-Fi spell disaster for antiquated security systems. Also, cyber security hackers and breaches are growing issues that every business is facing more and more each day.

There is a new hacker attack every 39 seconds affecting one in three Americans every year.

Over 75% of the healthcare industry has been infected with malware over the last year.

Total cost of cybercrime committed globally added up to over $1 trillion dollars in 2018.

So, how do we fight the problem?

Defense in Depth.


Defense in Depth is similar to the best home security system.

A home is filled with many things that need to be protected: personal information (SSNs, financial info, etc.), expensive possessions, and family. Simply having a fence around your yard or a lock on the door is not enough to make sure your home is safe.

The most secure homes layer their defensive measures to make sure there are no gaps in security. If someone does get inside the house, the owner and authorities are immediately alerted, so action can be taken. While an intruder is inside, precautions have been taken to make sure they don’t have access to EVERYTHING. There might be a safe or additional locked areas that limit the damage of the break-in.

In the same way, Defense in Depth protects your business by setting up a wall that keeps hackers out, enabling alarms that alert a breach, and implementing a system that reduces risk of loss throughout the entire organization. This is done through a complex web of network firewalls, data encryption, advanced access management, and much more.


Most companies worry about security as a growing issue but feel lost in where to start protecting their valuable info. We build custom security solutions for each business, so you can be confident your company and clients will be safe and secure.

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